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"How Packaging Maximizes Brand Integrity"
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NPP Quality.
At NPP, we feel personally responsible for the success of every project. We work hard to improve our skills and renew your confidence with every job we do for you.

NPP Packaging Graphics Specialists'
Corporate Vision
At NPP, we are committed to achieving a total quality excellence that stresses honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and teamwork, not just toward our customers, clients and suppliers, but to each other as well. Each member of our team of packaging graphics specialists understands and believes that our quality is defined by our customers' perceptions. We have dedicated ourselves to deliver beyond expectations, providing exceptional satisfaction, performance, service and value, while rigorously striving for continuous improvement.


NPP Total Quality

Quality Monitoring

Customer Specifications
Art Check Procedure
Loose Plate Check Procedure
Tolerance Recording
Premounted Plate Final Check Procedure

Quality Measuring

IECR (Internal / External Customer Return)
Department Productivity and Quality Records
Monthly Departmental Meetings
Plant IECR Summary
Barcode Verification
New Specification Procedure
Common Procedure

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