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NPP Platemaking.
NPP's platemaking technology is second to none. We provide plates for every application, from narrow and wide web to primary packaging on corrugated, microflute and folding boxes, as well as for high-end POP displays, party goods and labels.

NPP has the capacity and expertise to produce plates for any customer, from broad product lines of national brands, to small, high-end display work.


Platemaking Capabilities
Sheet Photopolymer
  52" x 80" Dupont 3002 System
Liquid Photopolymer
  52" x 80" Merigraph System
Proofer – Flatbed
  Vander Cook 30” x 30”
  6 – Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicators

NPP Premounting/Pin Registration Equipment

  Harley Opticheck 80” x 54-7/16” and 66”
  Harley Opticheck 80” x 36” and 50”
  Harley Opticheck 120” x 50” and 66”
  LOF Opticheck 120” x 36”, 50”, 66”, and 75”
  Arc/Doyle Opticheck 120” x 50” and 66”
  Single Head Video Drill (manual) 52” x 80”
  Electronic Pin Registration System for Corrugated
Post Print


NPP Applications
Corrugated Containers
POP Displays
Primary Packaging
Folding and Microflute
Bags and Pouches
Surface Graphics
Paper Party Goods
Our Clients
Ad Agencies and
Design Studios
Manufacturers, Retailers and Brand Managers
Printers and
Private Labelers


NPP - Packaging Graphics Specialists
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800-466-9677 or 317-630-2355
Fax 317-630-2358